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Why companies are choosing Quartr?

Quartr allows companies to reach a global audience and tailor actions based on direct feedback from private and professional investors alike.

  • Target investor audiences
  • Deep dive into analytics
  • Industry and peer insights
  • Extract web player for IR page
  • Contact - Q&A - FAQ
  • Upload events
  • Manage company profile
  • Marketing package, boost your company's reach



From the Quartr analytics module


Reach increase

When placed in featured section



Where investors interact with Quartr


Production costs

No additional software required


Take control of your company profile

Find your company
Deepdive into analytics

20+ data points available on interaction with your company's content. Sentiment and drop-offs

Upload events

Choose between earnings calls, acquisition calls, strategy calls and 12 other standardized calls

Extract web player for IR page

Don't redirect your visitors to third parties, let them listen directly on your company website

Target investor audiences

With both retail and institutional investors discovering and studying companies on Quartr, find your cap table's dream

Industry and peer insights

How does your company stand in the competition and how is it trending?

Contact - Q&A - FAQ

Gather investor questions on pre hand, answer repetitive questions through our automised tool and build your FAQ

Manage company profile

How do you want to present your company when searched for?

Marketing package

Boost your company's reach with already proven improved reach through Quartr's accessibe investor tool, market your content for more exposure

What our customers say about us

"Coming from a finance background, I immediately understood the problem Quartr is set to solve for investors. Now on the IR side, Quartr is helping me solve the same issues"

- Chasen Richter, Senior IR Manager

"Quartr is the easiest way for our shareholders, existing or prospects, to access our reports and listen to our conference calls. Through their platform, we can reach a global audience in an efficient way as well as keep track of relevant communication efficiency KPIs. As a mobile first company it's great to see our conference calls now going mobile as well"

Philip Doftvik - Director of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations

"With Quartr, our shareholders can quickly find our financial reports and presentations in one place. We can also track digital engagement and reach. Win-win!"

Even Lund - Investor Relations Manager

"Quartr has brought us closer to our investors. By publishing our presentations on Quartr, we increased our reach by 5x"

Jonas Lagerqvist - CFO and Deputy CEO

"We are constantly exploring new platforms to communicate with shareholders. Quartr is a flexible format for reaching out directly to existing and new investors"

Ludwig Pettersson - CEO

"Quartr has helped us reach out to both existing and new shareholders in an efficient way. We have, for example, reached twice as many investors with our quarterly presentation without any additional cost or work."

Martin Dahlgren - Head of Finance

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