Leverage the Quartr API

Global coverage. Instant access.

We have gathered fundamental information such as earnings calls, reports, transcripts, slide decks, and segments from over 6 000 listed companies in our app. Accessing our API lets you leverage that data in a native experience on your platform. Unlock the full power of Quartr while still maintaining your customers.

The Quartr API gives you instant access to:

  • Dynamically updated conference calls from more than 6 000 companies covering 19 markets.
  • Accommodating documents such as reports, transcripts, and slides.
  • Segment data for Products & Services as well as Geographical splits.
Integrating the Quartr API allows your users to access conference calls and accommodating documents immediately – without having to leave your channel.

Benefits your users

Our API creates an incredible added value for your users if you manage a trading platform, financial research platform, or financial news site. By leveraging the API, your users will stay natively in your channel while accessing the company's proprietary information from Quartr. This data plays a critical role in investment decisions and has previously been difficult for ordinary investors to access.

The API truly is a vital part of enabling your investors to do their fundamental research regarding screening and keeping track of current portfolio holdings.

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