The Quartr Story

Like with all new solutions, it starts with a problem. As investors, we felt that Investor Relations material was too complex to access. Not that it wasn't available, but it wasn't accessible. Let´s agree, that are two different things.

The right to join a conference call

For conference calls, the struggle was even worse. You had to tune in live to receive the same information the professionals were getting. Isn’t that nuts? That was not fair since it might change essential decisions.
So we built the very app we craved to achieve good business for us and all painstaking investors far from Wall Street. And soon, we gained traction among like-minded investors worldwide.

Global interest in just a sec

And here we are today, with more than 6,000 companies from 19 different markets on our platform. We have users in over 160 countries and a great list of backers. Such as Öhmangruppen, the CNBC profile Josh Brown, Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, Peter Sterky (ex CFO/COO Spotify), Flat Capital (run by Klarna's founder & CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski), as well as multiple IR managers on listed companies, among others.

The Founding Team

The five of us met through Twitter's financial community #FinTwit, and founded the company before everybody had met in real life. Although, the year was 2020. which makes it a bit less surprising. With 35+ passionate employees, of which the majority are investors themselves, we are still a remote-first company, with Slack as our HQ.

Sami Osman

Chief Executive Officer

Oscar Küntzel

Chief Product Officer

August Nordström

Chief Operating Officer

Oliver Hamrin

Product Marketing

David Dag

Corporate Relationships

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