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Access first-party information including live earnings calls, timestamped transcripts, slides, and reports from 8,000 public companies. Track any company mention, whether it's from suppliers or competitors.
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    Increase your productivity and gain unique insights into companies, industries, and specific topics across an extensive universe of searchable content from the public markets, all in one place.


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      Access to the Quartr Mobile App
      All the investor relations material you need right at your fingertips. More convenient than ever.
      Synced Mobile ↔ Web experience
      Seamlessly switch between web and mobile while having your followed companies and listening progress synced between the two platforms.
      Live earnings calls & conferences
      Access live earnings calls, conferences, investor days, M&A announcements, and capital market days.
      Events & presentations
      Listen to company events and presentations with a podcast-like experience. Adjust listening speed and jump straight to Q&A.
      Company search
      Easily find any company in our extensive database.
      Company pages
      Access earnings presentations, events, and Key Slides that provide you with the most valuable company information.
      Search through and read transcripts from company events and jump seamlessly between text and audio
      Accompanying slide decks to company presentations that are available in full-screen mode and can be easily downloaded.
      Earnings reports
      Access and search through earnings reports with ease.
      Save, organize, and share your discoveries while researching.
      Events Calendar
      Event Calendar of company events. Use the filtering option to see only your followed companies.
      Master Search
      Our database of slides, transcripts, and earnings reports simultaneously searchable for any keyword.
      Customizable filters
      Create filters composed of companies and industries, which can be applied when using our search, calendar, and topics features.
      Prepare for presentations and earnings calls by receiving anticipated subjects and questions based on recent Q&A sessions of peers or other companies of interest.
      History mode
      Easily track the evolution of specific companies' most commonly used slides by accessing earlier and later versions of them.
      Slide tags
      Tagged slides based on their content, making it easy to find specific subjects such as capital allocation frameworks, outlooks, and business models.
      Customizable Event Calendar
      By filtering the calendar for your companies of interest and specific industries, you can stay up-to-date on the events that matter most to you.
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