Quartr for Students

If you are a student, we offer free access to our Web App Pro tier. Simply create a Quartr account with your student email and get verified.

What is Quartr Pro?

Quartr Pro is a research and collaboration software tool used by corporate professionals across the globe such as financial analysts, asset managers, journalists, and IR departments.

Access first-party data from over 8,000 public companies in one powerful search engine. Create and share your work – all free, as a student or teacher.


Slide Search

Search through our extensive database of slides from over 8,000 publicly listed companies simultaneously. The slides are tagged based on what they communicate, making it easy to find subjects such as market share, outlook, or capital allocation frameworks. You can also easily follow the evolution of specific companies through its most commonly used slides through History Mode.

Besides accelerating your research and learning, you will find inspiration for your presentations by being able to find first-party material and data from public companies – just with a few keystrokes with filtering options for companies and industries.

All company events in one search engine

Are you studying a specific topic and want to hear what corporate managers around the world are saying about it?

By utilizing Master Search, you can search through our global transcript database of earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences using any keyword – then jump straight into the audio presentation by clicking any sentence.


Explore ideas together

Effortlessly create and share your work using 'Workspaces.' You can keep your insights private or share them with classmates or group members. This is ideally suited for group work, note-taking, and writing reports.

If you're studying or researching specific topics, like market shares or industry growth rates, you can search for these terms and drag-and-drop this first-party data, such as slides or snippets from transcripts, directly to your workspace and have them safely stored.

Get started!

Request your student account and gain access to Quartr Pro using your university email address.

Also, make sure to tell your classmates.

Trusted by leading finance universities

"Quartr Pro allows us to effortlessly stay up to date with our holdings and the companies we’re researching. Above all, it assists our analysts to easily find relevant company-specific data points which entails higher overall quality on our research, while also making both presentations and stock pitches better and more engaging" - President of Stockholm School of Economics’ Student Investment Fund


Quartr Mobile App

Our free Mobile App gives you access to live earnings calls and company events with a podcast-like experience. Adjust listening speed, jump straight to the Q&A, and highlight specific quotes – while also having the slide deck, report, and transcripts one click away.

You can also enable push notifications to let the app tell you whenever something important from your followed companies is available – such as an earnings report.