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Quartr Pro

Our web app tier designed for business desktop use. Quartr Pro assists leading finance professionals worldwide to increase productivity and unlock qualitative insights.


Quartr Core

Our web app tier designed for personal desktop use. Quartr Core simplifies tracking and researching the qualitative aspects of public companies.



Build your own custom solutions using our unique API, covering live and recorded events such as earnings calls and capital markets days from public companies globally.


Mobile app

The #1 free app for live earnings calls, searchable and timestamped transcripts connected to each event, earnings reports, slide decks, consensus estimates, and much more.


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Six key features in Quartr Pro

Powered by AI

Access aggregated summaries of recent Q&As from certain companies or entire sectors.


Take notes, save documents, and collect highlights from transcripts and filings together within your team.

Live calls and transcripts

Listen, read along, and rewind live events from all over the world – all in one place.

Mentions feed

Track company mentions across other companies' transcripts, filings, and slides.

Powered by AI
History mode

Access the entire timeline of companies' most used slides to notice changes over time.

Earnings calendar

Customize your own calendar and sync it with Gmail or Outlook.

"Quartr has developed a great research tool that really stands out from the crowd. Its agnostic search helps us to efficiently gather relevant and valuable insights."

– Erik Golrang, Head of Equity Research Sweden, SEB


Our database on tap

Build your own custom solutions using our unique API offering, covering live and recorded events from companies worldwide.

LLM compatible

Build powerful large language model applications based on public market narratives.

Global live coverage

Tap into live and recorded events from 10,000+ public companies worldwide.

Unbiased data

Access the company's own first-party information, meaning no interpretations.

Seamless integrations

Be up and running with your test integration in minutes.

If you have 15 minutes, we would happily tell you more over a brief introductory meeting

"Through our collaboration with Quartr, we are enhancing our platform to offer effortless access to essential company data. This makes SEB an even more comprehensive hub for trading and analysis."

- Kristian Gårder, Co-Head of Equities, SEB


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