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Web App

Our long-awaited desktop version. Streamline your workflow, improve your research, and gain unique insights into specific companies, niches, and the broader market.


Mobile App

The #1 free app for live earnings calls, searchable and timestamped transcripts connected to each event, earnings reports, slide decks, consensus estimates, and much more.



Integrate live earnings calls, financial segment data, and accompanying documents such as slide decks and earnings reports on your online brokerage or research platform.


IR Player

Make sure your investor relations site always has your latest company presentation available within minutes — for free and with zero maintenance.

Trusted by leading financial institutions

The online broker Avanza are using the Quartr API integration
The online broker Nordnet are using the Quartr API integration for live earnings calls
Tin Fonder, led by Erik Sprinchorn and Carl Armfelt, uses Quartr Pro in their Financial Research
The Investor Relations department at Epiroc are using Quartr Pro

“Why hasn’t this existed before?”

A common reaction from first-time users since day one. Our core idea was to remove as much friction as possible, building the first-ever truly convenient finance product. By pioneering a unique Mobile App, we streamlined access to pivotal financial data, making earnings calls and transcripts effortlessly available to everyone.

Prior to Quartr, accessing earnings calls was characterized by such inconvenience that many investors bypassed these crucial sources of first-party information. The strong demand we're now experiencing signals a radical reshaping of this dynamic. The fact that professionals with access to legacy tools costing tens of thousands of dollars annually instead prefer to use Quartr for conducting in-depth company research tells us we’re onto something big.

Apart from the Mobile App, our product range now includes a Web App serving the diverse requirements of financial analysts, investor relations departments, journalists, and investors. We also offer an API solution enabling third parties to stream live earnings calls and distribute documents like slide decks and earnings reports with global coverage, and an embeddable player for investor relations websites.

A unique ecosystem

The rapidly expanding Quartr ecosystem provides over 10 million investors and market participants with easy access to equity stories and crucial first-party data from 8,000 public companies. Having secured prominent customers such as SEB, one of the most reputable banks in the Nordics, as well as leading Nordic investment banks like Carnegie and Pareto Securities, Quartr is becoming more synonymous with investor relations, financial research, and market intelligence with each passing day.

With a great list of backers including notable institutions like The Öhman Group and Trift Capital, and the influential CNBC figures Josh Brown, Michael Batnick, and Ben Carlson, we are committed to continually expanding our ecosystem. Our goal across all product and service development remains steadfast – to bring the financial community closer together.


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