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Quartr Web App – Enhancing your research experience with a desktop app
Mockups displaying the Quartr Mobile app, streaming Shopify Q1 2023 earnings call live

The App

The #1 free app for earnings calls, transcripts connected to each audio event, slide decks, earnings reports, and financials.

  • Live earnings calls

  • Global coverage

  • Transcripts, slides & reports

  • Consensus estimates

Quartr API

Distribute crucial first-party information coming directly from public companies on your brokerage or financial research platform with the Quartr API.

  • Live earnings calls

  • Global coverage

  • Slides and reports

  • Financial segment data

Endless possibilities with customized solutions using Quartr API

Integrate our free IR Player

Make sure your investor relations site always has your latest company presentation available within minutes – for free with zero maintenance.

  • 10 min average upload time

  • Customizable with brand colors

Products trusted by professionals globally

The online broker Avanza are using the Quartr API integration
The online broker Nordnet are using the Quartr API integration for live earnings calls
Tin Fonder, led by Erik Sprinchorn and Carl Armfelt, uses Quartr Pro in their Financial Research
The Investor Relations department at Epiroc are using Quartr Pro
The online broker Lightyear are using the Quartr API integration for earnings calls

“Why hasn’t this existed before?”

That has been a common reaction from first-time mobile app users ever since day one. Our core idea was basically to remove as much friction as possible, building the first-ever truly convenient finance product.

Until Quartr came along, earnings calls were so inconvenient to access that many investors would rather not listen to them at all, depriving themselves of crucial first-party information.

The fact that professionals, with access to legacy tools costing tens of thousands of dollars per year, instead prefer to use our mobile app for a lot of their research tells us we are onto something big.

A unique ecosystem

The Quartr ecosystem gives millions of investors easy access to equity stories from roughly 7000 public companies through the mobile app, the API solution as an amplifier, and the web app for corporate professionals. Quartr is becoming more and more synonymous with investor relations for each passing day.

With a great list of backers, such as The Öhman Group and the CNBC profiles Josh Brown, Michael Batnick, and Ben Carlson, Quartr will keep developing products and services all with the same purpose – bringing the financial community closer together.