Quartr Pro

Streamline your workflow, improve your research, and gain unique insights into specific companies, niches, and the broader market with our web app – conveniently available on your desktop.


Slide search.
Search for anything.

Explore deep and broad in our extensive database of slides from over 7000 publicly listed companies. The slides are tagged based on what they communicate, making it easy to find subjects such as market share, outlook, or capital allocation frameworks. You can also follow the evolution of slides that are reused or updated through History mode.

Besides enhancing and accelerating your research process, you will find inspiration for your investor relations presentations by being able to see material from other companies – just with a few keystrokes with filtering options for companies and industries.


Search through any company event.

Enhance your research by being able to search through our transcript database of earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences for literally any keyword.

See when something was mentioned and by who, jump seamlessly between text and audio, and make sure you know if any specific topic of interest has been discussed.


The most relevant and debated talking points.

Get better prepared for your presentations or for an upcoming earnings call by receiving anticipated subjects and questions based on the most relevant and discussed topics at your peers' or other companies' recent Q&A sessions.


Event Calendar.
Keep track of all events.

We cover roughly a thousand events per week in the most hectic periods during earnings seasons. You will find them all listed in our Event Calendar, with the possibility to filter for specific industries and companies of interest.

Stay on top of what is happening and make sure to not miss something important.

Organize and share your insights.

Effortlessly save, organize, and share your discoveries while researching. Keep your insights private or share them securely with your team members.


Several market leaders around the world use Quartr Pro.

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Tin Fonder, led by Erik Sprinchorn and Carl Armfelt, uses Quartr Pro in their Financial Research