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Increase the efficiency of your qualitative public market research.


Why are finance professionals around the world choosing Quartr Pro?

With a broad customer base spanning from equity analysts, portfolio managers, to IR departments, the reasons naturally vary, but here are four common ones:

Increase productivity

Eliminate hours of searching for specific data points buried deep inside company material.

Uncover rare insights

Understand the qualitative aspects of entire industry value chains or specific companies.

Leverage the power of AI

Incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality into your workflow.

Get a one-stop-shop solution

Access all you need for your qualitative public market research in one single platform.

"The efficiency gains from Quartr Pro has not only led to more efficient insights-driven work but also increased our team productivity."

- Johan Öberg, Managing Director and Senior Partner


"Quartr has developed a great research tool that really stands out from the crowd. Its fully searchable capital markets feature helps us to efficiently gather relevant and valuable insights."

- Erik Golrang
Head of Equity Research, Sweden


"Having used Quartr Pro for a few months and drawing upon my two decades of finance experience, I can attest that it is one of the most promising tools I have come across."

- Pontus Dackmo,
CEO & Investment Manager


The entire public market in one powerful search engine

Make aggregated searches across our entire database of slides, transcripts, and filings, or pinpoint exactly what you are looking for using custom filters.

Slide search

Make aggregated and filtered keyword searches across millions of individual slides from companies all over the world.

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Filings search

Save multiple hours of back-and-forth looking for specific KPIs buried deep in company filings.


Transcript search

From earnings calls to industry conferences, and capital markets days, our transcript database covers it all.


History mode

Track the evolution of companies' most commonly used slides using history mode – available through Quartr Pro's document viewer.

Leverage the power of AI

Whether you're seeking detailed summaries or specific data points in slide decks, transcripts, or filings, Quartr Pro enables you to find it in seconds with the help of generative AI.

What makes it stand out is how carefully we have trained our model solely on first-party information from public companies, plus the fact that we always cite and link to the original source document to ensure simple fact-checking.


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Get an unmatched live experience

Eliminate the time-consuming process of hunting webcast links and manually registering for each company event. With Quartr Pro, you can access live events from 9,000+ companies globally – all from one single platform.

Live calls

Access live events such as earnings calls and industry conferences without manual registrations, redirects, and jumping in-between different websites. You can also easily rewind or click any sentence to start the audio.


Live transcripts

Each live event on our platform is transcribed and readable in real-time. This means that we can offer complete transcripts of each event literally the second it is over, instead of hours later.


An all-encompassing research platform for finance professionals

Powered by AI
Keyword alerts

Get notified as soon as a keyword or combination of keywords have been mentioned in a transcript, slide, or filing.

Earnings calendar

Tailor your own calendar overview using custom filters, then effortlessly sync it with your Outlook or Google Calendar.

Powered by AI
History mode

Track the evolution of companies' most commonly used slides.

Customizable home screen

Cancel out the noise by tailoring your home screen according to your coverage.

Web <-> mobile sync

Combine the desktop excellence of Pro with the on-the-go convenience of our mobile app.


Take notes and save transcript highlights, slides, and reports using drag and drop. Work side by side in real-time.

Powered by AI
Slide tags

Each individual slides in our database is tagged based on it content, enhancing our search engine.

Transcript mention trends

Track and visualize the frequency and number of mentions for specific keywords over time.

Request companies

Are you missing a company in our database? Request it and we will have it up in no time.

Take notes, collect findings, and collaborate on your research using Workspaces

Collaborate in real-time
Drag and drop
Export as PDF