Quartr API

Build your own custom solutions using our unique API offering, covering live and recorded events from companies worldwide.

Powering leading platforms worldwide


Why choose the Quartr API?

LLM compatible

Build powerful large language model applications based on public market narratives.

Global live coverage

Tap into live and recorded events from 9,000+ public companies worldwide.

Unbiased data

Access the company's own first-party information, meaning no interpretations.

Seamless integrations

Be up and running with your test integration in minutes.

"Through our collaboration with Quartr, we are enhancing our platform to offer effortless access to essential company data. This makes SEB an even more comprehensive hub for trading and analysis."

- Kristian Gårder, Co-Head of Equities, SEB

The six datasets we offer

Live earnings calls

Covering live and recorded events such as earnings calls and industry conferences.

Powered by AI
Live transcripts

Access transcribed corporate narratives from around the world in real-time.

Transcript backlog

Our backlog of transcripts spans over 3 years.


Our API offers both annual and quarterly earnings reports, or 10-Ks and 10-Qs.

Slide decks

High-resolution PDFs from events such as earnings calls, capital markets days, sell-side conferences, and much more.

Powered by ML
Key slides

Providing instant access to a company's most essential slides, covering data like TAM, product splits, and future outlooks.

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