The Mobile App

All the investor relations material you need right at your fingertips. More convenient than ever.


Experience live earnings calls.

Forget the horrible 90s way of listening to earnings calls via legacy webcast solutions. Using Quartr, you get frictionless access to live earnings calls straight from your pocket.

You can of course also listen to earnings calls afterward, with a podcast-like experience. Adjust listening speed, jump straight to Q&A, and highlight specific quotes – while also having accompanying documents such as slide decks, earnings reports, and press releases just one click away.

Stay on top with notifications.

Stay on top of what is happening and make sure to not miss something important by simply clicking Follow on your companies of interest. Tailor your notifications for each company to ensure you stay up to date specifically for what you want.


Search for anything.

Search through our transcript database of earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences from over 7000 publicly listed companies for literally any keyword. If you know what you are looking for, you can filter for specific companies and search through individual transcripts.

See when something was mentioned and by who, jump seamlessly between text and audio, and make sure you know if any specific topic of interest has been discussed.


Financials and Estimates

Get a financial overview and see the revenue segment split between products, services, business areas, and geographies for specific companies – while also being able to see what the analyst consensus expects going forward.