Trade, Commerce, and Progressive Policies

Denmark is a relatively small country when compared to some of the giants in Europe, but it has an incredibly advantageous geographical position at the meeting point of the Atlantic and Baltic seas. Situated close to the bustling hubs of Europe and the rest of Scandinavia, Denmark is a blend of historical trade & commerce and modern innovation. The land of Vikings, Lego, and Hans Christian Andersen has a thriving business landscape with both thriving traditional industries and new and emerging companies.

Historical Business Roots

Denmark's business heritage is deeply rooted in agriculture and maritime activities. Fertile plains and a strategic location enabled Denmark to excel in dairy farming, grain production, and trading throughout history. Maersk, the global shipping giant, is a prime example of Denmark's maritime legacy, starting as a small steamship company in 1904 and expanding to its present-day stature as one of the world's largest container ship and supply vessel operators. However, Maersk is not the only large logistics company from Denmark, and they find a peer in their countrymen DSV. The latter is also one of the largest freight and logistics companies in the world, supplying all-encompassing shipping solutions.

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences are also central to Denmark's business DNA. Novo Nordisk, one of the largest companies in Europe, has firmly established Denmark's reputation in the field of healthcare. It started its journey almost a century ago with insulin production and has now become a global name in the healthcare industry.

The Winds of Change

Denmark is setting its sights on a future that is sustainable and digital. Recognizing the potential pitfalls of over-relying on traditional sectors, the nation is actively fostering tech startups and driving innovations in fields like AI, biotechnology, and fintech and present-day Denmark is a hotbed for green energy and sustainability. It's also worth noting that this small nation was one of the pioneers in wind energy, with Vestas Wind Systems standing out as a pioneer in the industry.

Robust and Attractive Investment Climate

Denmark’s investment climate is underpinned by a mix of state-of-the-art infrastructure, a well-educated workforce, transparent business procedures, and a stable political climate. The nation consistently ranks high on global ease-of-doing-business indices, making it an attractive destination for foreign direct investment. The government's approach of offering incentives for R&D activities and creating platforms for collaboration between academia and industry further bolsters Denmark's appeal to global investors.