Quartr IR Awards 2024

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Published 3 Apr 2024

At Quartr, we spend countless hours studying investor relations material daily, giving us a unique perspective in this ever-changing field. This is why we’re introducing our second addition of Quartr IR Awards, honoring IR departments who dare to think outside the box. As we did in our 2023 edition of IR Awards, we’re judging the companies in six different categories. These are: Innovation, Sustainability, Transparency, Clarity, Insights, and Best Capital Markets Day.

The six winners are…

Innovation: Danaher

Danaher, owner of prominent brands within biotech, diagnostics, and life sciences, went through a rebranding last year, giving it a much more modern and easy-to-digest identity. An important part to understand Danaher as a potential investment is the Danaher Business System, and the company explains it very intuitively on its IR page.

Additionally, the company is publishing articles aimed at educating its stakeholders on often complex but necessary subjects for understanding the business.

Sustainability: Salesforce

With its Net Zero Cloud, and Net Zero-as-a-service (ZAAS) offering, Salesforce enables its customers to analyze and quantify their carbon footprint in one platform. When visiting their IR page, the commitment to sustainability really shines through, proudly stating that “Bold climate action is the only way forward.”

Transparency: WD-40

WD-40, well known for its multi-use lubricants and maintenance products, has long been a staple in households and industries. With its detailed and clear insights into business practices, product contents, and corporate governance – sharing both good and bad news – shareholders can be assured that what they see is what they get.

Clarity: The Sherwin-Williams Company

The Sherwin-Williams Company, a leader in the paint and coatings industry, shows that investor communication is not all about fancy graphics and 300-page slide decks. Its 2023 Investor Presentation builds out the equity story loud and clear, touching on strategy, product, supply chain dynamics, sustainability, and capital allocation.

Insights: Texas Instruments

Every year since 2013, semiconductor giant Texas Instruments holds its iconic annual Capital Management presentation. It aids in giving shareholders in-depth insights into how the company thinks about capital allocation, and always starts with a long reminder about the company’s core guiding principles, stating that "When we're successful in achieving these ambitions, our employees, our customers, communities, and shareholders all win".

Capital Markets Day: Bufab

Since its inception in 1977, Bufab has become a specialized trading company, offering C-parts across various industries worldwide. Its strategic approach is comprehensively outlined in its 102-page Capital Markets Day (CMD) presentation, which not only traces Bufab’s history but also explains its business model, strategy, and future goals – perfect for aspirational shareholders looking to understand the company. This CMD presentation exemplifies strategic transparency, detailing Bufab’s journey from 1977 to today, including major milestones, strategic choices, and guiding principles that have shaped its growth.

In Summary

The 2024 Quartr Investor Relations Awards, amidst a field of many potential winners, recognize the standout efforts of companies like Danaher, Salesforce, WD-40, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Texas Instruments, and Bufab in their investor relations. Each winner, excelling in innovation, sustainability, transparency, clarity, insights, and investor engagement, sets a benchmark in the industry. These awards underscore the importance of effective communication and strategic transparency in the corporate world, serving as a model for others to follow. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements in elevating the standards of investor relations.


David Dag
Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Relations
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The six winners in Quartr Investor Relations Awards 2024
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Quartr IR Awards 2024
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