Quartr becomes the first-ever finance platform to enable access to live earnings calls

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Published 19 Dec 2022
Updated 4 Sep 2023

Investor Relations has long lacked the convenience of easily accessing company information. Quartr is now taking an important step on their journey of bringing the financial community closer together by enabling access to live earnings calls.

STOCKHOLM & NEW YORK. Quartr (www.quartr.com), the app that gives anyone, regardless of their investment expertise and network, access to critical company information and earnings calls, is now taking the next step to bring publicly listed companies and investors closer together. Earnings calls have been a core feature of the Quartr App since its launch in 2021. Now it becomes even more convenient to stay up to date with your investments by accessing company presentations live.

The value of live calls speaks for itself; all stakeholders can now access live presentations from publicly listed companies without the previous friction associated with it. In addition to making information gathering more convenient, this product update democratizes a part of the financial industry as all investors can now easily obtain crucial information at the same time.

"Quartr is proud to become the first-ever finance platform to offer this technology before the legacy terminal providers. The app also offers the ability to search through each event’s transcript and jump seamlessly in-between text and audio, as well as the accompanying documents provided by the companies," comments Sami Osman, CEO & Co-founder of Quartr

About Quartr

Quartr is a software company serving the world of finance. Its product suite includes various services, including a free mobile application and a web application built for professionals, all with the same purpose - to bring the financial community closer together.

With over half a million people worldwide having experienced Quartr, ranging from private investors, journalists, and corporate professionals, it has become a key digital source of first-party company information. The Quartr mobile app is available for free on iOS, and Android and covers over 6500 public companies in 19 markets. Users can access company information - such as earnings calls, investor presentations, searchable transcripts with seamless text-to-audio transitions, earnings reports, and specific financial data.

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