Quartr Announces Groundbreaking Feature: Live Transcripts

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Published 27 Oct 2023

Quartr proudly introduces Live Transcripts, a transformative feature for financial research. Currently available on the research platform Quartr Web App, this feature will soon be integrated into Quartr's API offering. This will allow third parties such as online brokers and trading platforms to seamlessly offer Live Transcripts directly through their platforms.

STOCKHOLM & NEW YORK - In its continued commitment to innovation, Quartr is excited to introduce Live Transcripts as its latest product enhancement. With this addition, Quartr not only establishes itself as one of the quickest financial research platforms worldwide to provide complete transcripts of company events but also stands out as one of the very few platforms to offer Live Transcripts.

Earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences are all pivotal events where corporate executives frequently share insights into future prospects and strategic choices. With Quartr's new feature, users can be the first to access this crucial information. After all, successful investment decisions hinge on accuracy, confidence, and speed.

About Quartr

The Quartr ecosystem of software products gives over 10 million investors easy access to first-party information from 8,000 public companies. Quartr's product suite includes a Web App that is catering to the needs of corporate professionals and private investors alike, a free Mobile App for both iOS and Android, and an API solution that gives third parties the ability to stream live earnings calls and distribute documents like slide decks, reports, and financial segment data. All products are built with the same purpose – to bring the financial community closer together.

Press contacts

Sami Osman
CEO & Co-Founder of Quartr