Quartr Launches Its Long-Awaited Desktop Version

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Published 26 Apr 2023
Updated 14 Aug 2023

Finance software provider Quartr, most known for its Mobile App with over half a million users, launches its long-awaited desktop version. The Quartr Web App is a comprehensive research and productivity tool built entirely on first-party information from public companies. It is designed to meet the everyday needs of investors, analysts, journalists, and investor relations departments.

STOCKHOLM & NEW YORK – The remarkable success of the Quartr Mobile App, having attracted over half a million users within two years of its launch, has sparked a strong demand for a desktop version. This resulted in the development of the Quartr Web App, which gives users access to first-party information from over 7,000 public companies. It is catering to the everyday needs of investors, analysts, journalists, and investor relations departments.

All features are built on top of Quartr’s global coverage of live events such as earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences, with its accompanying documents like transcripts, slides, and earnings reports. To make the research process even more efficient, all of the aforementioned documents are simultaneously searchable for any keyword. Users can also access collaborative features, a customizable event calendar, AI summaries of Q&A sessions, financial segment data, and track the evolution of companies' slides with History Mode.

“Quartr Web App places a strong emphasis on researching the original source material and not relying on third-party interpretations of it, which is critical for every investor and makes this product stand out from the crowd. We take great pride in providing a financial research tool that offers not only unique insights but also a modern user experience unburdened by legacy structures,” comments Sami Osman, CEO & Co-founder of Quartr.

Whether you are a professional or a dedicated private investor, Quartr Web App is the ultimate tool for staying ahead of the curve. With flexible pricing options to suit every market participant, you can get the insights you need at a price that works for you. Start off with a free 7-day trial to experience the product firsthand with no commitment or risk.

About Quartr

Quartr is a software company serving the world of finance. The Quartr ecosystem gives millions of investors, corporate professionals, and journalists easy access to first-party information from public companies through a variety of services.

Quartr’s product suite includes a free mobile app for both iOS and Android, a web app that is catering to the needs of corporate professionals and retail investors alike with flexible pricing options, an embeddable player for investor relations sites, and an API solution that gives third parties the ability to stream live earnings calls and distribute documents such as slide decks, earnings reports, and financial segment data from over 7,000 public companies. All products are built with the same purpose – to bring the financial community closer together.

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