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Q2 23/24

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Q2 23/24

26 Oct, 2023
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Q1 23/24

14 Jul, 2023
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Leading technology solutions

The future calls for more sustainable technology, but better industrial processes, automation systems, and renewable energy solutions don’t just appear. They are created by entrepreneurs—committed people with passion, ideas, and drive. The ones bold enough to try something new that is who Addtech are. More than 140 independent niche companies deliver leading technology solutions to customers around the globe.

Electro-mechanical components

The company Is a Swedish distributor of electro-mechanical components with a global presence—mostly operating in the Nordic region. They offer various products, including hydraulics, electrical safety, industrial components, and various system solutions. The customers are mainly in the manufacturing industry and the public sector.

Strongly customer oriented

With its broad understanding of the customer’s needs and deep supplier relations, the company offers what is meant to be the most favorable solution for the customer. This solution comes in different variations, either through sourcing a completed joystick, sourcing single components to be sub-assembled, or may even involve Addtech producing the components or subassemblies themselves.

20 years as a public listed company

In September 2021, Addtech turned 20 years old as a publicly listed company. Despite IT crises, financial crises, recessions, oil crises, cyber-attack, and a pandemic, they have exceeded their financial goals. Since the spin-off from Bergman & Beving they have grown into a Large Cap company with a favorable position.