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Q3 2023

25 Oct, 2023
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25 Jul, 2023
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Over 350 years of experience in paint

Akzo Nobel is a multinational company operating out of the Netherlands that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of paints, coatings, and specialty chemicals. With a rich history dating back over 200 years, Akzo Nobel has established itself as a global leader in the industry. The company offers a wide range of products and solutions for various sectors, including architectural coatings, paint for industrial use, automotive and marine coatings, as well as specialty chemicals.

Boasting a rich and fascinating history

Akzo Nobel can trace its roots back to the late 1700s. The company's foundation began with the establishment of Sikkens, a Dutch paint producer, in 1792. Over the years, Sikkens grew and expanded its operations, building a reputation for quality and innovation in the coatings industry.

The merger of Akzo and Nobel

In the 20th century, the company evolved through a series of mergers and acquisitions. Arguably the most significant milestone was the merger between Akzo and Nobel Industries in 1994, which gave rise to the present-day company. This merger brought together two industry leaders in coatings, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, forming a global powerhouse with a diverse product portfolio and a strong presence in various markets. Since then, Akzo Nobel has continued to evolve and grow, focusing on delivering sustainable solutions and pioneering advancements in the coatings and chemicals industry.

The business today

Akzo Nobel is, as previously mentioned, a global brand with a broad presence in markets all over the world, and are operating in over 150 countries. With a diverse portfolio of products, they cater to various sectors, including decorative paints, performance coatings, and specialty chemicals. Their renowned brands, such as Dulux, Sikkens, and International, offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and protective coatings. While their products are widely used by professional painters and industrial customers, Akzo Nobel also provides paints and coatings that are accessible to private individuals. When looking at companies operating within the same market segment and competing with Akzo Nobel we find names such as PPG, Sherwin-Williams, and Axalta.