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Q4 2024

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Q4 2024

26 Jun, 2024
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Q3 2024

21 Mar, 2024
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Gas station and convenience store operators

Couche-Tard is one of the world's largest gas station and convenience store operators and the parent company behind gas station chains Circle K, Couche-Tard, and Ingo.

You have most certainly visited one of Couche-Tard’s 14,000 locations, spread over a dozen countries, and you probably agree that gas stations and convenience stores are a complete necessity. They are in transit to any destination.

A great role in the expansion of electric cars

As we are adapting to the use of electric vehicles, Couche-Tard plays a major role in making superchargers as convenient and accessible as possible. They have experience with this by already being present in Norway–the country with the highest electric vehicle penetration in the world.

Increased sales during historical recessions

Couche-Tard has also proven to be a recession-resilient business and posted sales increases of 5 percent and 8 percent, respectively, during the Dot-Com Bubble and the Great Recession.

Businesses that can earn a high return on their capital employed (ROCE) and at the same time increase the amount of capital employed are often able to multiply in value over time.

Founded by Alain Bouchard

Alain Bouchard founded Couche-Tard 42 years ago and is still active in the company as Executive Chairman. Couche-Tard grew steadily over the first two decades after its inception, organically and through acquisitions. The company has continued to grow and has incredibly enough been profitable every year since their IPO in 1986.

Couche-Tard has increased the amount of capital employed by 115 percent over the past five years and earned a return of roughly 15 percent on that capital. This steady growth is also reflected in the stock price, which is up 270 percent over the same period.