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H2 2023

16 Apr, 2024
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H1 2023

4 Sep, 2023
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Ashtead Technology Holdings PLC is an integrated subsea technology company specializing in equipment rental solutions, advanced underwater technologies, and support services for the global offshore energy sector. The company operates across three main service lines: Survey & Robotics, Mechanical Solutions, and Asset Integrity. These services cater to the installation, inspection, maintenance, repair (IMR), and decommissioning of offshore energy infrastructure. Ashtead Technology's offerings include a broad range of specialist and engineering support in asset integrity, encompassing design, construction, installation, mechanical integrity, life of field inspection and maintenance, and risk analysis. Mechanical solutions provided by the company cover subsea coating removal and cleaning, cutting, dredging services, as well as remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and diver tooling, topside support, and additional project support packages. Their survey and robotics solutions span environmental, geophysical, geospatial, hydrographic, and metocean surveys, among others. The company is headquartered in the UK, and its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange.