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Q1 2025

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Q1 2025

11 Jun, 2024
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Q4 2024

29 Feb, 2024
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A go-to for architects, engineers, and designers 

Autodesk is a software company that provides a range of design, engineering, and entertainment software solutions to customers around the world. The company was founded in 1982 and has since become one of the leading providers of software for architects, engineers, and designers. Some of Autodesk’s competitors include Adobe, Dassault Systémes, and Trimble.

The business model

Autodesk's business model is based on providing a comprehensive suite of software solutions that help customers to design, simulate, and analyze their projects. The company's software products include AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and 3ds Max, among others, and are used by a wide range of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment.

How Autodesk makes money

Autodesk generates revenue primarily through the sale of its software products, as well as through subscriptions to its cloud-based services. The company's software is sold on a recurring basis, providing a steady stream of revenue for the company. In addition, Autodesk also generates revenue through various other services, including consulting and training services.

A standard in its industry

Autodesk has been at the forefront of technology and innovation for over 40 years. The company was one of the pioneers of computer-aided design (CAD) software, and its AutoCAD software has become a standard in the industry. Autodesk has also been at the forefront of the transition to cloud-based software, offering its customers a range of cloud-based services that provide greater flexibility and scalability.

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Q1 2025

Autodesk Inc
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Q1 2025

Autodesk Inc
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