Brunello Cucinelli investor relations material

Italian craftsmanship of contemporary designs

The global apparel, accessory, and lifestyle brand Brunello Cucinelli create and markets its goods worldwide. Clothing and leather goods make up its two business categories. The brand sells collections for men and women, with men's offerings including jackets, overcoats, suits, trousers, shirts, jeans, sweaters, and knitwear; women's offerings include dresses and skirts for formal events or more casual everyday wear.

The cashmere specialist from Solomeo

A cashmere garment lasts forever; you never throw it away. You must pass it on to your children.

This is a quote from Brunello Cucinelli’s founder, CEO, and creative director with the same name about the company’s highly regarded cashmere products. Even though the company hasn't been around for approximately 45 years, the high-end luxury characteristics of its products and Mr. Cucinelli’s long-term thinking when making important business decisions make it very similar to many of the over 100-year-old brands in LVMH’s portfolio.

Background and history

In 1978, Brunello Cucinelli established his couture business, specializing in feminine clothing made of Mongolian cashmere.

The company's stock became public in 2012, and in January 2018, creator Brunello Cucinelli (who owns the shares through his holding Fedone Srl) sold 4 million of them, reducing his ownership to 51 percent of the capital.

In addition to paying employees wages that are 20 percent over the industry standard, the firm distributes 20 percent of its income to its charity foundation.

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