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Oilseed and Grain

Bunge Limited is a Swiss-American company with a significant presence in the agricultural sector. Its business activities encompass a range of products, including edible oils, milled grain, and sugar, which are distributed internationally. However, the company is primarily involved in the sourcing, processing, and supply of oilseed and grain products. The company also provides products and services to various industries, including food manufacturing and bioenergy. Bunge is incorporated in Switzerland, but the headquarters are located in St. Louis and its shares are listed on the NYSE.

Over 200 Years of History

Bunge was founded in 1818 by Johann Peter Gottlieb Bunge in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Originally established as an import-export trading business, the company quickly grew, expanding its operations across Europe. In the late 19th century, Bunge began expanding into South America, initially in Argentina but subsequently expanding into neighboring countries. This period saw Bunge venturing into various aspects of the food production chain, including milling, processing, and distribution. Post-World War II, Bunge began a period of global expansion. The company extended its reach beyond South America into North America, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. In the years leading up to the turn of the millennium, the company divested various parts of its business to focus solely on agribusiness, eventually going public in 2001.

The Operations

Bunge Limited operates primarily in the agribusiness and food production sector, focusing on the sourcing, processing, and distribution of agricultural commodities and products. Its core business activities encompass a wide range of operations, from the procurement of raw agricultural materials like soybeans, wheat, and corn, to processing these commodities into products such as vegetable oils, protein meals, and milled grain products. Some companies operating in the same sector include AAK, Wilmar International, and Archer Daniels Midland.

The company serves a number of sectors and some major customer groups include:

  • Food and Beverage Companies: Bunge supplies ingredients such as oils, milled grain products, and specialty fats to manufacturers of packaged foods and beverages.

  • Foodservice Providers: The company provides cooking oils, shortenings, and other ingredients to restaurants and fast-food chains.

  • Livestock Producers: Bunge offers protein meals and animal feed products to the livestock industry, supporting the production of meat, dairy, and eggs.

  • Industrial Users: In addition to food-related businesses, Bunge caters to industrial customers, providing products like biofuels and industrial oils.

  • Retailers: The company also supplies packaged consumer products, including cooking oils and baking ingredients.