Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd investor relations material

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Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd delivers specialty solutions in the field of shelf-life extension, health and wellness, taste enhancement and food safety to customers through a powerful combination of product quality and innovation. The company offers delivery systems such as natural colors, natural antimicrobials, yeast extracts and extruded spices that are used to enhance the taste of food under its product portfolio under the Xtendra and NaSure brands. It also provides oilfield chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, hydrate inhibitors, demulsifiers, dewaxing agents, foamers/defoamers and paraffin inhibitors for use in the oilfields for extraction of oil and gas; enzymes for the bakery industry comprising xylanase, phytase and alpha-amylase that are used to extract nutrition from feed products; antioxidants comprising TBHQ and BHA that are used to prevent rancidity during storage of fats and oils; zeolites for use in water treatment for desalination or softening by removing metal ions; fabric softeners; dispersants to increase the stability of dye solutions on cloth fabrics; binding agents that provide strength to foundry reshaping sand; fining agents to reduce foam formed during fermentation in breweries; paper chemicals comprising dishwashing.

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