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Q4 2023

10 Jun, 2024
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Q3 2023

25 Feb, 2024
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Candles Scandinavia AB is a leading manufacturer specializing in sustainable, plant-based wax candles. Founded in 2009, the company produces scented candles using rapeseed oil, which is sourced locally to ensure sustainability and environmental responsibility. In addition to candles, the company also manufactures reed diffusers. Candles Scandinavia operates a large-scale production facility that emphasizes high-quality standards through rigorous internal and external testing. The company offers private label solutions, tailoring the entire production process to meet the specific needs of various clients, including major brands, retail chains, and department stores across Scandinavia. Candles Scandinavia is headquartered in Örebro, Sweden, and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.