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Q4 2024

10 May, 2024
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Q3 2024

6 Feb, 2024
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Daikin Industries Ltd offers air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, including residential air conditioning systems, commercial air-conditioning systems, VRV split systems, refrigeration equipment and controls, heat pumps and chillers, chillers and cold storage facilities, refrigerated display cases and cabinets; gas heat pumps for residential use; ductless products; indoor units for multi-split systems; controllers for packaged air conditioners; floodwaters and purifiers; standby chillers; freezers and coolers; inverters. The company also provides fluorotelomer products comprising flourocarbons (FCs) used in the synthesis of heptyl perfluorooctanoate (HFPO); perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acid (PFAA) used as a raw material in the manufacture of FCs or HFPO or other compounds and compounds of fluorinated hydrocarbons.