Davide Campari investor relations material

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The 162-year-old Italian beverage giant

A portfolio of well-known beverage brands

With more than 160 years of experience, The Campari Group is one of the major players in the liquor industry. They are owners, producers, and sellers of legendary brands such as Campari, SKYY Vodka, Aperol, Appleton, Cinzano, and Wild Turkey. The group is also producers and distributors of, among others, Henkell Trocken, Lipton Ice Tea, and Jägermeister.

Background and History

Founded in Italy 1860

Gaspare Campari founded the company in 1860 when he started a distillery, a bar, and a café called Caffé Camparino in Milan. When he passed away, one of his five sons, Davide Campari, took the throne. Davide truly boosted the company, developing the Sesto San Giovanni plants in 1904 and concentrating the production on only two products - the Bitters and the Cordials.

Negroni, nothing without the Campari Bitter

Most famous for their Campari Bitters (the key ingredient in the classic Negroni), which despite being in production for over 160 years, still is a staple bar cabinet. In 2021, the Campari-based Negroni took the number one spot as the Best Selling Cocktail, while Aperol Spritz placed sixth. 🥃

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