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30 May, 2024
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Americas Neighborhood Store

Dollar General brands itself as America's Neighborhood store, and it’s easy to see why. The company today operates nearly 20.000 stores in almost every single state in the US, serving everything from larger urban cities to small rural communities. The company is focused on providing a small and convenient neighborhood store with low prices for consumers in the specific stores’ local area.

Growth through affordable prices

The first Dollar General was opened in Springfield, Kentucky by salesman and retail store owner J.L. Turner. His idea for his newest venture was quite simple: no item was to cost more than one dollar. This is something that quickly became incredibly popular amongst consumers and other stores owned by Turner quickly followed suit. The company went public in 1968 and is today heavily ingrained in the daily lives of millions of Americans. Even though all items no longer are priced below one dollar, the business idea of providing quality products for less is something that Dollar General still operates by today.

Wide Reach, Local Impact

With a presence in nearly all of America's 50 states, Dollar General's reach extends across urban, suburban, and rural America. Dollar General's efficient operations, involving a lean supply chain, self-distribution, and smaller store formats than competitors like Walmart and Target, contribute to its ability to maintain low prices. Dollar General stores tend to have a high level of customer loyalty due to the fact that they offer a convenient shopping experience close to their customers while keeping prices low. To further spur this on, the company also offers various loyalty programs for customers.

Fresh food, online shopping, and Groceries

Dollar General is first and foremost a grocery store, but also carries a variety of household items and accessories. In recent years, the company has started to expand its operations as the digital landscape continues to evolve and now offers a variety of products through its online store. Like the gas station/convenience store Casey’s they have also started to offer fresh food options for customers looking for a quick bite to eat, or something warm and fresh to take home.