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14 Feb, 2024
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26 Oct, 2023
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The billionaire factory

EQT is a Swedish private equity giant, originally founded inside Sweden’s largest investment company – Investor. EQT went public in 2019 and is today a well-established company on its own. 

Despite its short public market history, the company has written itself into the Swedish business history books thanks to its performance. In fact, some people in Sweden are calling EQT “the billionaire factory” because of how wealthy some employees have become since their IPO.

Founding of EQT

Conni Johnsson - a previous director at Investor, was the man put in charge of launching EQT, and the idea of starting a private equity firm was born in 1993 when attending dinner in Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm with Claes Dahlbäck, CEO of Investor from 1978 to 1999. 

Founded during the early 1990’s financial crisis, and in a time when colorful ties were worn to work and mobile phones were in their infancy, the two men decided to look ahead. Since then, EQT has made continuous acquisitions, and when launching their third and fourth fund after the millennial shift, it started to take off. EQT then turned their heads towards Europe, USA, UK and also opened up an office in Hong Kong – focusing on Asian businesses. 

Two main business segments

EQT has two main business segments - Private Capital and Real Assets, and with a substantial amount of dry powder, the company is well-positioned to scoop up potential bargains in a market downturn. Some of EQT’s competitors include KKR, Blackstone, Bain Capital, and The Carlyle Group.