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Q1 2024

Eurofins Scientific
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Q1 2024

24 Apr, 2024
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27 Feb, 2024
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Eurofins Scientific is a French company that specializes in bio-analytical testing, providing a broad range of services across various industries. The company has global operations and specializes in food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics product testing, alongside agriscience, genomics, discovery pharmacology, and central laboratory services. The company operates a vast network of laboratories across the world and offers its services to a wide array of customers in different industries. The company is headquartered in Luxembourg, and its shares are listed on Euronext Paris.

Growing Through Acquisitions

The company was founded in 1987 and started with four employees. The company initially focused on food product testing and over the years, Eurofins expanded both its service offerings and geographic footprint. Eurofins diversified into environmental testing in the 1990s, and later into pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing. The company acquired various laboratories and smaller companies at a rapid pace both in the years before and after its IPO in 1997.

A Network of Laboratories

The rate of acquisitions remained high going into the new millennium and onwards, and today the company operates over 900 laboratories worldwide. The company can be categorized as a serial acquirer, and for several years during the 2010s acquired over 50 companies and laboratory groups. Said laboratories are spread out across 60 different countries across the globe, allowing Eurofins Scientific to offer its services close to where its customers are located. Some public companies that are similar to Eurofins Scientific are SGS, Intertek, and Bureau Veritas.

What it Does

The company offers over 200,000 validated analytical methods, catering to diverse needs in characterizing the safety, identity, purity, composition, authenticity, and origin of products and biological substances. This wide-ranging portfolio allows Eurofins to serve multiple sectors, including food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Besides this, the company also offers various authentication services that can identify counterfeit food and beverage products, including things such as fine wines and expensive cigars.

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Q1 2024

Eurofins Scientific SE
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