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Q4 2023

16 Feb, 2024
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Q3 2023

25 Oct, 2023
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Flat Capital is a standout investment firm founded in 2013, focusing on making sincerely long-term investments in novel ways. Flat boldly invests in unlisted companies built on iconic ideas and unprecedented potential, run by dedicated founders who are equally in it for the long run. Investments are typically made through Flat’s one-of-a-kind network that makes otherwise unattainable investment opportunities possible. Examples of portfolio companies include Klarna, Budbee, Truecaller and Discord. With CEO Hanna Wachtmeister and COB Sebastian Siematkowski at the helm, Flat is on a mission to make the road to success more serene and simple. Last but not least, our one-of-a-kind network makes otherwise unattainable investment opportunities possible.