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9 Feb, 2024
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Q2 2024

10 Nov, 2023
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Fukui Computer Holdings, Inc. specializes in the development and sale of package CAD (Computer-Aided Design) products primarily for the construction industry in Japan. The company's product lineup includes ARCHITREND Zero, a 3D architectural CAD system designed for architectural design works; 3D Catalog.com, a 3D simulation site for building materials, equipment, and housing; GLOOBE, a BIM (Building Information Modeling) architectural design and construction support system; and TREND-ONE, a surveying CAD system. Additionally, they offer EX-TREND Musashi, a civil engineering construction management system for contractors and civil engineering construction companies; TREND-POINT, a 3D point cloud processing system; and One Click Counter, an election exit poll system. They also develop and provide construction production support services through Phototraction, alongside customer support services. The company is headquartered in Fukui, Japan, and its shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.