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Sustainable installation services

Instalco is a provider of technical installation services in the Nordic region. With a broad range of expertise, they offer solutions in areas such as heating, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, and cooling systems. Instalco's skilled professionals collaborate closely with customers to deliver installations tailored to their specific needs. Their service portfolio covers both new construction projects and renovations, catering to various sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial. By combining technical experience with a customer-centric approach, Instalco ensures efficient and reliable installations that meet the highest industry standards.

A Swedish company focusing on the Nordic market

Instalco is a Swedish company and is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. They focus on the Nordic market, with a large part of their business taking place in Sweden, but they also have offices and conduct installations in Norway and Finland. Some of Instalco’s publicly traded peers and competitors are Bravida and Caverion.

Installing everything from solar panels to ventilation systems

Their teams provide solutions in heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, cooling, and other related areas. In the heating sector, Instalco delivers efficient and sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial properties. For ventilation, they design and install systems that ensure optimal indoor air quality. In plumbing, their services cover everything from sanitary installations to water supply and drainage systems. Instalco also handles various types of electrical installations for customers.

A focus on sustainability and green solutions

Instalco places a great emphasis on providing installations that not only serve a practical purpose and fulfill the high security standards in residential and commercial buildings, but also ensure that the process and the results are as green as possible. Instalco has responded to the increasing demands for ESG-friendly solutions from businesses by ensuring that their installations are kind to the environment. On the same note, the company also installs various solar power solutions on a varying scale from small solutions to larger solar panel systems.

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