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Q1 2024

6 Feb, 2024
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Q4 2023

21 Nov, 2023
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Engineering, Professional, and Technical Services

Jacobs Solutions Inc. is an American company with multinational operations that provides various engineering, technical, professional, and construction services. The company operates across several sectors, including aerospace, buildings, infrastructure, water, environmental, and advanced facilities. For these sectors, the company provides services like engineering, architecture, design, planning, research, and project management. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and its shares are traded on the NYSE.

Built by Joseph J. Jacobs

What would go on to become the massive global company that is the Jacobs Solutions of today was founded by Joseph J. Jacobs, formerly employed at Merck, in 1947 as a one-man engineering consultancy in Pasadena, California. Through organic growth as well as numerous acquisitions over the years, the company grew and Jacobs continued to serve as CEO until 1992. The company ramped up its M&A activity going into the new millennium, with some notable acquisitions including Carter and Burgess, Lindsey Engineering, Edwards and Kelcey, and several other large players in the engineering sector. The company has a stellar reputation and has consistently ranked among the top firms in design and engineering throughout the 2000s.

A Multi-faceted Company

As previously discussed, Jacobs Solutions offers a wide array of services across multiple sectors. The company’s expertise encompasses various engineering services, including civil, aerospace, and environmental engineering. This is complemented by its work in the construction sector, providing project management and construction services for infrastructure and industrial projects. Jacobs also offers cybersecurity and information technology solutions. The company also has a host of consultancy services providing strategic advice in urban planning, environmental sustainability, and resource management. Additionally, Jacobs is involved in the defense and space industries, contributing technical and scientific expertise to government and private sector projects. Similar companies to Jacobs Solutions are, among others, Fluor Corporation and AECOM.

Private and Public Sectors

The company is active in both Private and Public sectors, working together with governments as well as businesses of various sizes and assisting in making large and complex projects doable. Some notable projects include a multi-billion dollar contract from the Pentagon to provide products and services for the Missile Defense Agency, the cleanup of the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan, and a massive cell production site for Fujifilm. This just scratches the surface of the company’s projects and Jacobs Solutions has a large number of concurrent projects active across the globe at all times.