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3 Jun, 2024
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AGM 2024

6 May, 2024
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Pioneering mRNA technology

Moderna was founded on the notion that messenger RNA (mRNA), the molecule sending genetic information from DNA to the cell’s protein factory, could be re-engineered into a versatile set of drugs and vaccines.

With these instructions from the mRNA, our cells could be taught to make whatever our bodies need to treat or prevent disease - virus-slaying antibodies, metabolism-improving enzymes, or heart-caring treats.

Wide range of treatments and vaccines

Founded in September 2010 as “ModeRNA Therapeutics,” named from the combined terms “modified” and “RNA,” the company today has produced 44 different treatments and vaccine candidates, of which 21 have entered clinical trials.

In their pipeline are, among others, vaccines and treatments for influenza, HIV, COVID-19, cancer, and coronary heart disease (CHD). With a market cap of $57 billion, many undoubtedly believe in Moderna's future products.