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Wine enthusiasts unite

Naked Wines is a unique online wine retailer and subscription service that connects wine lovers directly with independent winemakers around the world. The company operates on a crowdfunding model, where customers become "Angels" by contributing a monthly subscription fee that is used to support winemakers in producing their wines. In return, Angels receive exclusive access to a wide selection of high-quality, artisanal wines at preferential prices.

Wine as a service

Naked Wines generates revenue primarily through the subscription fees paid by its "Angels." The subscription model allows customers to invest a fixed amount each month, which is used to fund the production and development of wines by independent winemakers. In addition to the subscription fees, Naked Wines also generates revenue through the direct sales of wines to both Angels and non-subscribing customers who purchase wines from the company's online platform.

Naked Wines primarily operates within the online wine retail and subscription service industry. The company's main business segments revolve around its online platform, which enables customers to browse and purchase a curated selection of wines directly from independent winemakers.

Dedicated craftsmanship

Naked Wines was founded in 2008 by Rowan Gormley, with the aim of disrupting the traditional wine industry by connecting wine lovers with talented winemakers. The company's unique crowdfunding approach empowers independent winemakers by providing them with the necessary funding and support to produce exceptional wines without the constraints of traditional distribution channels.

Naked Wines emphasizes the importance of transparency and sustainability in the wine production process. The company works closely with winemakers who practice sustainable farming methods and environmentally friendly winemaking techniques. This focus on sustainability resonates with customers who appreciate the authenticity and ethical values behind the wines they enjoy.

Wine companies race to meet the growing demand

Naked Wines faces competition from other notable players in the online wine retail and subscription service industry. Three listed peers in this space include Direct Wines Ltd. (owner of Laithwaite's Wine), Wine.com Inc., and Majestic Wine plc. These companies also operate online platforms and offer a range of wines from various producers, competing for market share and customer loyalty in the online wine retail industry.

Naked Wines is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "WINE." This listing provides investors with the opportunity to participate in the growth and success of the company and the wine industry.