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24 Apr, 2024
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Norwegian Aluminum and Renewable Energy

Norsk Hydro is a Norwegian multinational corporation primarily engaged in aluminum production and related activities. The company operates across the entire aluminum value chain, from bauxite extraction to the production of primary aluminum, rolled and extruded products, and aluminum recycling. Norsk Hydro is one of the largest aluminum companies worldwide, with operations in more than 50 countries. In addition to its aluminum business, the company has a significant presence in the renewable energy sector, particularly in hydroelectric power generation. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and its shares are listed on OSE.

Nitrogen-based Fertilizers

The company was founded in 1905 and initially focused on utilizing a new technique to produce nitrogen-based fertilizers. However, Hydro expanded into other sectors over the decades and has grown into a truly global company. The 1960s marked a significant shift as Hydro ventured into oil and gas, becoming a key player in the North Sea oil fields. Later, in the 1980s, Hydro started focusing on light metals, particularly aluminum, evolving into one of the largest aluminum producers worldwide. Today, the company is focused on the production of both aluminum and generating renewable energy. Some companies operating in the same industry include Alcoa and Kaiser Aluminum.

Hydro Aluminum

Norsk Hydro is a prominent figure in the global aluminum industry, with its involvement dating back to the 1980s. The company operates across the entire value chain, from bauxite extraction to the production of primary aluminum and rolled products. Notably, Hydro has mining operations in Brazil (acquired by Vale in the early 2010s), where it extracts bauxite, the primary raw material for aluminum production. These are then processed into alumina before being transformed into primary aluminum. The company is known for its extensive recycling efforts, emphasizing sustainability in its production processes. Norsk Hydro also uses renewable energy in its aluminum production, further reducing its environmental impact

Hydro Energy

While aluminum and metal markets represent the bulk of the company’s revenue, it’s also active in power generation. Norsk Hydro's renewable energy segment extends beyond its internal use, as the company also supplies renewable energy to other businesses. Hydro's energy division, Hydro Energi, plays a crucial role in this aspect. It manages numerous hydroelectric power plants, primarily in Norway, and the energy generated is not only used for Hydro's aluminum production but also sold to other companies.