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Providing auto parts since 1957

O’Reilly’s is a company known for weathering these types of storms. With revenue growth of over 40 percent in 2008 and 36 percent in 2009, O’Reilly’s truly coped with the Great Recession in the best way possible.

Educated staff and quick delivery

The company is a retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and operates a traditional business model with brick-and-mortar stores accompanied by a strong and growing e-commerce leg. They offer a wide range of products for most makes and models, ranging from fluids, batteries, tools, and accessories. Their customers are drawn in and retained due to strong brand power and loyalty. They can use the expertise of store employees to order their desired products and have them delivered already the next day–a result of O’Reilly’s expensive and unprecedented distribution network.

Stable in good and bad times?

As cars, and thus their parts, play a vital role in our everyday life–driving the stable demand for parts sellers like O’Reilly’s in both good and bad times.

Background and history

This giant first saw the light of day in 1957, when they opened their first store in Southwest Missouri and quickly became a local favorite. Its remarkable growth and customer orientation became synonymous with the O’Reilly family, known today as a local legend.

Franchising with thousands of stores

The company continued to grow rapidly, and it quickly became apparent that franchising was the next step. Today O’Reilly’s is one of the largest American auto parts retailers, with over 5.873 stores, and operates one of the largest domestic auto-parts distribution networks. 

O’Reilly’s has supreme margins and returns on assets, equity, and, in particular, invested capital. The ROIC has increased from 21 percent in 2012 to 38 percent in 2021. 

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