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29 Apr, 2024
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28 Feb, 2024
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Over 110 years of entertainment experience

Paramount is an American entertainment company established in 1912, boasting an impressive history and track record of film production. The company's catalog and operations primarily focus on production of movies and TV-series, but Paramount also owns CBS Broadcasting, which is a broadcaster producing shows and various news programs.

Production and distribution

Paramount's production and distribution operations encompass a range of activities within the entertainment industry. The company engages in the development, financing, and production of films and television shows through collaboration with writers, directors, and actors. Paramount then distributes their produced content globally through partnerships, licensing deals, and digital platforms. Paramount's historical success has been driven by its focus on content quality, market relevance, and effective distribution strategies.

The news side of the Paramount organization

The news side of the wider Paramount organization is CBS, which operates a robust news division that delivers reliable and up-to-date news coverage. With teams of journalists, anchors, and correspondents, CBS News provides comprehensive reporting on national and international events across various platforms, including television, digital, and radio. As part of the broader Paramount organization, CBS benefits from the company's extensive resources and expertise in content creation, distribution, and production.

Breaking into the streaming world

Paramount has, in the wake of the streaming revolution brought on primarily by Netflix, started their own streaming service. This isn’t something that Paramount is alone in pursuing and similar services are being offered to consumers by companies such as Amazon and Disney. Paramount+ is the company’s own foray into the streaming world and was launched in 2014 under the name CBS All Access. Back then, the primary function of the service was to enable consumers to live-stream content from CBS. Paramount has made a big push with their streaming service in recent years and the platform includes movies and shows produced in-house, as well as content from other production companies.