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Q4 2024

28 Mar, 2024
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7 Dec, 2023
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Capturing the changing dynamics of planet Earth

Planet Labs is an Earth imaging company that utilizes a constellation of small satellites to capture detailed imagery of our planet. Their satellite fleet is designed to provide global coverage and collect high-resolution data on a daily basis. Planet Labs offers valuable insights into various applications, including agriculture, environmental monitoring, urban planning, and disaster response. By providing timely and accurate information and imagery, Planet Labs contributes to a better understanding of the situation on the ground and provides data that would otherwise be difficult to source.

A true bird's eye perspective

Planet Labs supplies a comprehensive suite of Earth observation data and analytics solutions to its customers. The imagery captured by their satellites is processed and analyzed to extract valuable insights and information for various industries and applications. Customers can access a wide range of data products, including imagery, geospatial analytics, change detection, and monitoring services. These offerings enable their customers to gain insights into environmental changes, and monitor specific areas of interest with precision and accuracy. Planet Labs also utilize AI in their day-to-day business through the help of strategic partnerships.

The service itself

The service that Planet Labs offers combines cutting-edge satellite technology, data analytics, and cloud-based software. Due to the fact that data is collected every day it allows users to track changing dynamics on the ground with accuracy and almost in real-time. Customers can access this data through a user-friendly platform, where they can explore, analyze, and extract actionable intelligence from the vast collection of imagery. Companies operating in the same, relatively niche, industry include names such as Maxar and Airbus’s satellite imaging division.

Helping customers make sense of the situation on the ground

Planet labs provides various industries, including agriculture, forestry, environmental monitoring, urban planning, and disaster response, with the information needed for better decision-making, resource management, and risk assessment. Whether it's monitoring crop health, assessing deforestation, mapping urban areas, or tracking natural disasters, Planet Labs offers a powerful and comprehensive solution for understanding and managing our planet's changing dynamics as they unfold over time.