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Q3 2023

14 Mar, 2024
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20 Dec, 2023
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More for the Money

Rusta is a Swedish retail company that sells interior, leisure, beauty, and DIY products. The company’s business model is built on effective logistics, buying its stock in bulk without utilizing middlemen, and offering a broad selection of goods at its retail locations. The company operates over 200 stores, most of which are located in Sweden. Besides operating in its home country, it also has retail locations in Norway, Germany, and Finland, and sells its goods online. The company is headquartered in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, and its shares are listed on OMX Nasdaq Stockholm.


The first Rusta store was opened in 1986 by Anders Forsgren and Bengt-Olov Forssell. The two friends had the idea to open a store where regular people could buy products at the lowest possible price. The plan was to establish a presence on the domestic market by importing and selling the products themselves, to cut costs for the end customers. In 1998, Rusta opened a distribution center in China in order to have complete control over its purchasing and distribution channels. Growth in Sweden continued to rise steadily into the new millennium, and between 2014 and 2018 the company expanded into Norway, Germany, and Finland.

The Products

Rusta’s offerings include a variety of home decor items, encompassing stylish furniture, contemporary lighting options, and a range of textiles to suit different tastes. In the DIY segment, Rusta provides a selection of tools and hardware, catering to home improvement enthusiasts. The store's garden section features gardening tools, plants, and outdoor furniture, appealing to gardening hobbyists. For sports and leisure activities, Rusta offers equipment and accessories, alongside a collection of toys for children. Additionally, the store includes personal care products, beauty items, electronics, and general household goods. Some of the most comparable international peers to Rusta are Target, Kohl’s Corporation, and similar companies.

Moving Into E-Commerce

While Rusta is most known for its physical retail locations, the company also has an online store. The company’s website allows customers to shop for the same items that can be found in its physical locations with the option of having the products delivered straight to the customers' homes. The website also features product information, promotions, and store locators.