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Q2 2024

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Q2 2024

16 May, 2024
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Q2 2024 (Media)

16 May, 2024
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A significant impact on modern society through innovative products

Siemens is a German technology company that operates in various industries globally, including energy, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing. Their diverse portfolio encompasses products, systems, and services that range from power generation and distribution to medical imaging and diagnostics, from intelligent infrastructure solutions to digital industrial automation. This is in addition to their vast portfolio of products catered towards private individuals.

Over 170 years of innovation

Siemens, founded in Berlin in 1847 by Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske, has a rich history of groundbreaking innovations. One of their earliest breakthroughs was the development of a pointer telegraph, which revolutionized long-distance communication. In the following years, Siemens expanded into various industries, introducing advancements such as the electric dynamo, the first electric elevator, and the electric streetcar. Throughout the 20th century, Siemens continued to innovate and evolve, contributing to the fields of power generation, automation, medical technology, and transportation. Some notable breakthroughs include the development of the first X-ray tube, the introduction of the world's first automatic traffic light, and advancements in power transmission technology. Today, Siemens remains dedicated to technological advancements and innovation, driving progress in areas like digitalization, renewable energy, and industrial automation.

Some of Siemens’s competitors include other global companies such as GE, ABB, and Toshiba.

A massive company with a global presence

Siemens offers a wide range of products and services tailored to businesses and organizations in a wide array of different industries. In the energy sector, they provide solutions for power generation, transmission, and distribution, including gas and steam turbines, wind turbines, and grid automation systems. In healthcare, Siemens offers advanced medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics equipment, as well as healthcare IT solutions. Their transportation offerings include systems for railways, signaling and control systems, and intelligent traffic solutions. Additionally, Siemens provides digital industrial automation solutions, building technologies, and smart infrastructure solutions.

Not just B2B

Siemens offers a range of products and solutions for private individuals in various areas of everyday life. For homes, they provide appliances and systems for kitchen, laundry, and household needs, including refrigerators, washing machines, and smart home automation solutions. This simply scratches the surface of what Siemens produces for consumers, and together with their products aimed at commercial customers, the product range of the company can not be described as anything other than enormous and incredibly diverse.