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Verici Dx Plc is an immuno-diagnostics development company that specializes in the kidney transplantation market. The company's focus is on creating prognostic and diagnostic tests for kidney transplant patients, aiming to improve patient outcomes through personalized medical management. Verici Dx commercializes RNA signature-based tests that leverage artificial intelligence and transcriptomic analysis to provide insights into the immune response and other biological pathway signals crucial for the prognosis of risk of injury, rejection, and graft failure in transplant patients. These tests form a comprehensive kidney transplant platform designed for personalized patient and organ response risk assessment. Verici Dx's lead products include Tutivia, a post-transplant test aimed at detecting acute rejection, including sub-clinical rejection, and Clarava, a pre-transplant prognosis test for the risk of early acute rejection. The company is headquartered in Penarth, Wales and its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange.