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Q4 2023

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Q4 2023

1 Feb, 2024
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19 Oct, 2023
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Providing niche software solutions

Vitec is a Swedish company focusing on providing niche software solutions for their clients through their extensive network of subsidiaries. The company is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange and primarily relies on subscription based revenue, and does a big part of through strategic acquisitions and mergers.

Growing through M&A

Vitec has a history of strategic mergers and acquisitions that have strengthened their position in the industry. Through these ventures, they have expanded their product portfolio, enhanced their technological capabilities, and gained access to new markets. Some notable acquisitions by Vitec include SmallHD, a leading manufacturer of high-definition on-camera field monitors; Autocue, a provider of teleprompting solutions; and Teradek, a pioneer in wireless video transmission systems.

Revenue through a SaaS-subscriptions

The vast majority of the programs and services that Vitec provides for their customers are distributed through a subscription model. These can be purchased online, and as previously mentioned it allows customers and users to customize their subscription based on their individual needs and preferences. It also allows customers to try out the base models of each service as a starting point, before they can move on to more comprehensive programs if they so choose.

Reaching several markets through diverse subsidiaries

Vitec might be founded, listed, and headquartered in Sweden, but through acquisitions of companies in different countries have been able to expand outside of their home country’s borders. Today, the company does a bulk of their business in Europe through subsidiaries in countries such as the Netherlands, several Nordic countries, Switzerland, and others. Vitec also has a presence in Japan through a subsidiary operating a software system for commercial laundry services. The company also has activities in the US. However, it is worth noting that their scale of operations in Asia and North America pales in comparison to their presence in Europe. Some companies working in the same market segment are companies such as Belden, Emerson, and Schneider Electric.