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Q1 2024

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Q1 2024

24 Apr, 2024
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Q4 2023

9 Feb, 2024
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The perpetual owner

Karl Perlhagen and Patrik Wahlén founded Volati in 2003 with the business idea of acquiring companies with:

  • proven business models

  • leading market positions

  • strong cash flows at reasonable valuations

Wanting to develop these with an emphasis on long-term value creation.

A private equity firm with over 50 companies

The first acquisition was Sweden's, now Europe's, largest grain dryer manufacturer, Tornum, in 2004. This big step helped Volati reach annual net sales of 100 million SEK. Since that day, thanks to a consistent long-term value-creating acquisition strategy, Volati has developed into a diversified group of more than 50 companies and reached annual net sales north of 6 billion SEK.

Remarkable growth during its 15 years

In fact, Volati's earnings per share in 2021 reached the same level as their net sales per share in 2006, which is pretty remarkable. The earnings per share have grown roughly 17 times over those 15 years, which is a true testament to what compounding capital at attractive rates of return can do. Another unique thing about Volati is that Karl and Patrik still hold more than 70 percent of the outstanding shares.