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An Alliance of Pharmacies

Walgreens Boots Alliance, popularly known as Walgreens or Boots depending on the country. The company has an expansive array of offerings that range from prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to beauty products and health services. The company owns a multitude of brands, with Walgreens and Boots being the most prominent in its portfolio. Walgreens, a staple in the American pharmacy landscape, operates thousands of stores across the U.S. On the other hand, Boots, with its deep-rooted British heritage, dominates the UK and Ireland while also having a presence in other parts of the world.

Historical Foundations

Walgreens was founded by Charles R. Walgreen, who opened the first Walgreens drugstore in Chicago during the early 1900s. What began as a small neighborhood pharmacy gradually expanded into a network of stores across the USA. Simultaneously, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Boots brand was evolving in the UK, founded by John Boot. The merging of these two resulted in the formation of the Walgreens Boots Alliance in 2014. Today, the company has a sprawling presence, with over 18,000 stores in 11 countries. Boots is by far the largest pharmacy chain in the UK, while Walgreens together with CVS dominates the American market.

Pharmacy Services

Central to Walgreens Boots Alliance's appeal is its comprehensive portfolio of health and beauty services. Customers can not only fulfill their prescriptions but also access services like health tests, vaccinations, and specialized advice on medications and general well-being. Moreover, with an extensive range of beauty and personal care products, the stores offer an amalgamation of health and beauty, making them a preferred choice for consumers. The company has also moved with the times by utilizing technology. From online prescription refills to telehealth services and a user-friendly mobile app, the brand has ensured convenient and accessible services and shopping.

No7 Beauty

No7 Beauty is a skincare and cosmetics brand owned by the company. It was founded in 1935 by Boots and was a pioneer in offering affordable products without cutting down on quality. Today, this is a global brand sold across the world and not only in its parent companies' retail locations.