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Q3 2023

Warrior Met Coal

Q3 2023

1 Nov, 2023

Q2 2023

2 Aug, 2023
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Warrior Met Coal, Inc. is a producer of metallurgical coal for the steel industry. Warrior produces thermal and non-thermal metallurgical coal for steel production and sales throughout the world. It also provides related services, such as mining, product transport, logistics, and sales & marketing support through its network of subsidiaries, agents and customers. Warrior is engaged in the development of TM3C's Cenaxa Mine, a preparation plant in Mozambique and related infrastructure on behalf of TM3C Mining SA; construction and operation of transmission lines connecting the Richards Bay Minerals Development Area to Eskom power stations; and construction of a mine ventilation shaft 10 kilometers northwest of Syferfontein Mine under contract with Exxaro Resources Limited.