Amazon's Most Notable Acquisitions Since Inception

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Published 13 May 2024
Reviewed by: Kasper Karlsson

Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, has significantly expanded its market presence and diversified its services through a series of strategic acquisitions. These acquisitions have not only broadened Amazon's business model beyond e-commerce into areas like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital streaming but have also provided the tech giant with valuable assets that contribute to its vast ecosystem.

Amazon's Most Notable Acquisitions

IMDb (1998 - $55 million)

Amazon's acquisition of IMDb was a strategic move to expand its reach into the entertainment data sector. Founded by Col Needham as a hobby to keep track of movies he watched, IMDb evolved into a critical database for movie information, utilized by millions globally.

Zappos (2009 - $1.2 billion)

This acquisition was pivotal for Amazon in strengthening its presence in the online apparel and footwear sectors. Zappos was known for its exceptional customer service, a core component that Amazon was eager to integrate within its own customer service framework. The acquisition allowed Amazon to benefit from Zappos’ strong brand loyalty and customer service practices without altering its brand and operational independence​.

Kiva Systems (2012 - $775 million)

Renamed Amazon Robotics, Kiva Systems brought innovative warehouse automation technology to Amazon, significantly enhancing the efficiency of Amazon's fulfillment centers. The robots provided by Kiva are an integral part of Amazon's logistics operations today, streamlining the warehousing and delivery processes, and setting a new standard in the industry for managing vast inventory and shipping logistics​.

Twitch Interactive (2014 - $970 million)

Twitch, a leading platform for video game live streaming, aligned well with Amazon's interest in the gaming community and live digital content. This acquisition has allowed Amazon to tap into a new form of content consumption and community building, offering Twitch's substantial user base enhanced features while integrating Twitch more deeply into Amazon’s ecosystem, including leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS)​.

Whole Foods Market (2017 - $13.7 billion)

This acquisition marked Amazon's biggest foray into brick-and-mortar retail, specifically in the grocery sector. Whole Foods provided Amazon with an established physical presence in the grocery industry, which it leveraged to enhance its food delivery services, integrate Prime membership benefits, and experiment with innovations like cashier-less stores, thereby transforming the traditional grocery shopping experience​.

PillPack (2018 - $753 million)

By acquiring PillPack, an online pharmacy that pre-sorts medications into personalized packets based on the user's dosage schedule, Amazon entered the healthcare market. This move complemented its consumer services portfolio, providing a foundation for the launch of Amazon Pharmacy and expanding its healthcare footprint​.

Zoox (2020 - $1.2 billion)

Amazon's acquisition of Zoox, a startup developing autonomous driving technology, highlights its investment in innovative technologies that could revolutionize delivery and logistics operations. Zoox's forward-thinking approach to autonomous ride-hailing services aligns with Amazon’s broader goals to enhance logistical efficiency and delivery speed​.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (2021 - $8.45 billion)

Purchasing MGM, a historic film studio with a vast catalog of movies and TV shows, significantly boosted Amazon's content library for its streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. This acquisition allows Amazon to offer a richer variety of entertainment options, competing more effectively in the streaming market and utilizing MGM's extensive archive to attract a diverse audience​.

In Conclusion

Each of these acquisitions reflects Amazon's strategic approach to diversify its offerings and integrate new technologies and services into its ecosystem, many of which are being bundled with the Amazon Prime offering.

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