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Published 12 Sep 2023

Our comprehensive database contains slide decks, transcripts, and earnings reports from roughly 8,000 public companies. Every mention in these events—including earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences—as well as accompanying slide decks and earnings reports, is fully searchable in one single search engine. With the added benefit of filtering options, the Quartr Pro tier of the Web App allows you to pinpoint any topic of interest with just a few keystrokes.

Search Through Millions of Slides and Transcripts

Perhaps the most appreciated feature in the Quartr Pro tier is Master Search. Not only does it offer an efficient way to conduct fundamental research, it also serves as an inspirational source for presentations, allowing you to find other companies' material in seconds. So, what makes Master Search so unique?

We've extracted slides from the PDFs of roughly 8,000 public companies, making each mention on every slide in our database—spanning millions of slides—individually searchable. We've also tagged each slide based on its content, allowing you to search for terms like “Financial Target” and access all slides on this topic across the public markets in seconds.

For added precision and ease in pinpointing topics related to specific markets, industries, or companies, filtering options are available. For example, you can search for “Outlook” and filter results for “Airlines” and content published within the last 90 days. This allows for effortless analysis of recent trends, providing an incredibly efficient way to stay updated on any company, industry, or topic in the public markets.

The comprehensive searchability also applies to earnings reports and audio-connected transcripts from company events such as earnings calls, capital market days, and investor conferences, which are simultaneously searchable along with the slides. These are key sources of information where corporate executives often provide valuable insights into future outlooks and strategic decisions. This enables you to determine when and by whom a specific topic was mentioned and seamlessly switch between text and audio, with direct access to the sources for every search term for additional context. Now, let's delve into the value this tool provides and examine some real-life applications.

Unique Crucial Insights in Seconds

Let’s start off by taking the South American ecommerce and fintech giant MercadoLibre as an illustrative example. Its fastest growing and most profitable segment as of 2023 was digital advertising. By searching for terms such as 'advertising' or 'ads' in Quartr Pro, and filtering by the industry 'Internet and Direct Marketing Retail,' you can uncover numerous quotes from the earnings calls of more mature industry peers such as Amazon, Coupang, and Alibaba. Also important to note is that Mercadolibre does not disclose the EBIT-margin of its advertising business in its reports, but has done so both during the Q1 and Q3 2022 earnings calls – information easily found through Master Search.

Master Search - Quartr 1
Search through transcripts and seamlessly switch between audio and text

You can also quickly find not only the size and growth rate of Amazon’s advertising segment but also obtain qualitative insights directly from the company’s management. Using this data as an illustrative example, you could for instance compare the margin structures, growth rates, and GMV penetrations for the advertising segments of Amazon and MercadoLibre. This will in turn make it vastly easier to project the potential development and long-term prospects of MercadoLibre's advertising segment.

Determine Trustworthiness and Capital Allocation Skills

Now, let's assume one of the companies you're tracking has completed an M&A deal a couple of years ago you're especially interested in. You want to assess the management's capital allocation skills and determine whether the executives' promises at the time were realized.

Adobe made its largest ever acquisition in September 2022, buying the collaborative design platform Figma for roughly $20 billion. For researching this particular deal, you can search for ‘Figma’ while filtering by Adobe. The search results will show every instance Figma has been mentioned by Adobe, when it was mentioned, in what context, and by whom.

In fact, during Adobe’s Q1 2023 earnings call, David Wadhwani, the President of Digital Media Business, laid out the strategy behind the acquisition and why it made sense due to synergies in particular. Interestingly, this information was provided in response to an analyst's question during the earnings call and was not included in the earnings report. This underscores the significance of earnings calls. It's also a prime demonstration of the value that Quartr Pro’s Master Search function offers.

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Discover crucial information not covered in the earnings report

Pricing Power Within Luxury

Many fascinating phenomena are unfolding in the luxury industry. A significant one is the concept of 'pricing power'. Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, often attributes this to a brand's desirability. He consistently underscores its crucial role, not only in the broader industry but particularly for LVMH. Similarly, other luxury companies emphasize this aspect in their communications, highlighting its importance. Notably, Warren Buffett has also famously stated that pricing power is the foremost metric in determining a company’s competitive advantage.

With the Quartr Web App, you can effortlessly type 'pricing power' into the search bar and filter by the industry 'Luxury Goods.' This will instantly show you what executives in the sector are saying about pricing power. For example, during Ralph Lauren’s Q3 2022 earnings call, CEO Patrice Louvet discussed the company’s ability to consistently grow both revenue and margins due to its pricing power, even amidst challenges like COVID and a weak global economy at that time.

Industry Data and Reports

Another valuable use case for the Quartr Pro tiers' Master Search feature is retrieving data from industry reports, such as estimated growth rates and total addressable markets. A prime example of this can be seen when searching for information about the cybersecurity market using "Gartner" as a keyword, a reputable global research and advisory firm.

Gartner provides market data for several industries, and many companies reference this in their own materials. By searching for 'Gartner' in the Quartr Web App, you'll for instance find slides that cover the total addressable markets for Enterprise Application Software and Cyber Security, as well as future growth estimates for these industries. In these instances, the information is sourced from market leaders in those sectors.

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Master Search helps you find market data and reports

NVIDIA and Its Recent Surge on the Stock Market

NVIDIA has been by far the biggest winner on the stock market among big tech firms in 2023 due to its significant strides in the massive Generative AI trend. The company is currently trading at its highest valuation ever, having surged by approximately 250% during 2023 alone, increasing its market capitalization by almost $900 billion. While many argue that NVIDIA is heavily overvalued at present, examining what other companies and NVIDIA's customers say about their dependency on NVIDIA's products might alter that perception.

By searching for 'NVIDIA' and filtering results to include some of the world's largest and most advanced tech companies you'll quickly grasp the significance and deep integration of NVIDIA’s supercomputing products into these tech giants' offerings. For example, Amazon has announced its own development of a generative AI product named CodeWhisperer. While it bears similarities to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, its primary focus is enhancing developer productivity through Generative AI. Amazon’s partner in this endeavor? NVIDIA.

When you search for 'NVIDIA' and filter by 'Amazon,' you'll discover a notable quote from Amazon's CEO, Andrew Jassy, during the Q2 2023 earnings call. He highlighted NVIDIA’s potential to capitalize on the significant Generative AI trend. Notably, this is the only instance where Amazon has mentioned NVIDIA as a partner in an earnings call and of course speaks for NVIDIA’s market position within supercomputing and Generative AI.

Master Search - Quartr Web App
Find out what other companies are saying

Master Search: A Revolution in Market Intelligence

The Quartr Pro tiers' Master Search is no ordinary search engine. It is an efficient, comprehensive, and powerful tool designed specifically to cater to the needs of investors, analysts, and professionals who require precise and swift market intelligence.

Users can delve into the intricate details of global giants gaining insights not commonly found elsewhere. Whether it's tracking the growth of a segment like digital advertising, understanding the implications of a significant acquisition like Figma by Adobe, or comprehending the strategic importance of 'pricing power' in the luxury industry, Master Search is there to assist.

Furthermore, its ability to source industry data from reputable firms like Gartner provides a remarkable edge. Plus, when examining stock market surges and potential overvaluations, as witnessed with NVIDIA in 2023, this tool offers a unique perspective on how deeply integrated and crucial a company might be to the broader tech landscape.

In essence, Master Search in the Pro tier is not just about data retrieval. It's about context, comparisons, and insights. It aids in shaping well-informed opinions, assessing corporate strategies, and understanding market dynamics.

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