Quartr Earnings Calendar: Customized With Seamless Sync

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Published 13 Sep 2023
Reviewed by: Kasper Karlsson
Updated 7 Feb 2024

In today's fast-paced financial world, staying informed and up-to-date is arguably more essential than ever. Financial analysts, investors, and journalists are at the heart of this informational whirlwind, entrusted with a vital responsibility: to remain constantly informed and updated on all relevant events and developments. However, keeping track of the overflow of information can often be a daunting challenge and the consequences of overlooking vital information can be severe. To address this concern, our Event Calendar offers a simple and effective solution.

Tailored to Your Needs

One of the standout features of the Quartr Earnings Calendar is its ability to offer customized insights. Instead of drowning in a flood of unrelated or unimportant events, you can filter the calendar based on your specific companies of interest. Whether you're keen on tracking a selected group of companies or a specific industry, the Earnings Calendar allows you to curate a list that is tailored to your needs. The best part? Any company you follow on the Quartr Mobile and Web App is instantly added to your calendar.

Always in Sync

In our interconnected world, we're rarely reliant on just one device. Whether you're at your office desk, in a meeting on your tablet, or on the go with your smartphone, it's crucial that your tools move with you. Recognizing this, the Earnings Calendar provides a seamless syncing capability to other devices. This means that you're always in touch with the events and updates related to the companies you follow on Quartr, regardless of the device you're using.

Closing Thoughts

The challenge of staying updated in a world bursting with information is real. It's a problem that every financial analyst, investor, and journalist faces. But with the Quartr Earnings Calendar, the task becomes not only manageable but efficient. By providing a tailored and syncable solution, the Earnings Calendar ensures that you never miss out on the events that matter the most to you. In the end, it's not about tracking every piece of information—it's about tracking the right information.

Customizable and Syncable Earnings Calendar

The Quartr Earnings Calendar is customizable and offers seamless integration of company events into Outlook and Gmail with just a few clicks. This enables you to effortlessly track what matters most and stay updated with the earnings calendars of the companies you are following at all times.