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Q3 2024

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Q3 2024

15 May, 2024
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12 Mar, 2024
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IT Solutions Giant

Cisco Systems, Inc., commonly referred to simply as "Cisco," is an American multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose, California. Founded in 1984 by two computer scientists, the company swiftly rose to prominence as a pioneer in the networking space. Cisco's primary products are its routing and switching equipment, which direct data, voice, and video traffic across networks around the globe. Over the years, Cisco has diversified into various technological sectors, including cybersecurity, Internet of Things , and cloud computing.

Roots at Stanford

Founded in 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, two computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco Systems, Inc. emerged from the need to connect computer networks across the campus. The company's name, "Cisco", is derived from the city of San Francisco, and its logo represents the city's iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Cisco introduced its first product, a multi-protocol router, which revolutionized the way networks were connected. Over the decades, Cisco expanded its product portfolio, making several strategic acquisitions to diversify and strengthen its market position. From its modest beginnings, Cisco has evolved to become a dominant force in networking technology, significantly influencing the architecture and infrastructure of the modern internet.

Varied Products

Cisco provides products and solutions that enable seamless communication and digital operations. Central to Cisco's product line are its networking solutions, which encompass routers, switches, wireless systems, data center technologies, and cloud solutions. The company is also well known for its cybersecurity offerings, with products like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and secure network architecture solutions designed to safeguard digital assets. Additionally, Cisco is also active in unified communications, offering VoIP products, conferencing tools, and collaboration platforms. Cisco's diverse product range has been integral to shaping the modern digital landscape, serving businesses, governments, and individual consumers alike. Publicly traded companies operating in the same industry as Cisco include names such as Avaya, Juniper Networks, and Microsoft.


Cisco, besides its extensive product portfolio, also provides certifications. These certifications show that an individual has a deep understanding of Cisco's products and services, along with broader industry knowledge. There are several tiers within the certification systems, with individuals interested in becoming more proficient in the use of Cisco products can progress as they gain more experience.