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30 Jan, 2024
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24 Oct, 2023
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Specialty Glass and Ceramics

Corning Inc. is an American company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced materials, including specialty glass and ceramics. The company's products are utilized in various sectors, including telecommunications, to which it supplies fiber optic materials and its famous Gorilla Glass. Additionally, Corning supplies products to the automotive and life sciences sectors. The company is headquartered in Corning, New York, and its shares are traded on the NYSE.

Over 170 Years in Business

What would later go on to become Corning was founded in 1851 as the Bay State Glass Co. in Somerville, Massachusetts. The company moved to Corning, New York in 1868, shifting its focus to glass technology. Corning's most pivotal inventions include developing railway signal lenses and heat-resistant glassware, known as Pyrex, in 1915. In the 20th century, Corning advanced in telecommunications by inventing low-loss optical fiber, significantly impacting the industry. This invention, alongside others in specialty glass and ceramics, cemented Corning's role as a leader in technology-driven sectors. Today, the company is one of the undisputed leaders in its field and is a major supplier to companies like Apple.

Gorilla Glass

While Corning has a diverse portfolio of various products, the company is most known for its Gorilla Glass. The specialty glass is incredibly tough with the ability to withstand drops and scratches while maintaining clarity and touch sensitivity, which in turn makes it a preferred choice for smartphone manufacturers. Over the years, Corning has continuously improved Gorilla Glass, enhancing its durability and resistance to damage and today Gorilla Glass is supplied to large manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung.

Other Products

The company has a diversified product range well beyond Gorilla Glass. One of their notable innovations is optical fiber, crucial for telecommunications, offering high-speed data transmission capabilities. They also produce specialty glass for a variety of uses, including advanced optics and cover glass for displays. In the life sciences sector, Corning's contributions include laboratory products like glassware and plastic consumables, instrumental in scientific research. Moreover, they have developed advanced ceramics used in automotive and industrial emissions control, and in aerospace and defense applications.